Monday, December 21, 2009

First Toot!

Howdy everyone!

(Sorry about the small image...)

Now then, I'd like to get right into talking about WoW and the likes. But Littlebark, my fiance, told me that the first post I .. uhh post.. should be an introduction to myself and what I'm going to do.

Though! Let it be known that her first post, which you can find here [ ], did not introduce herself whatsoever!

Anyways, moving on.. My name will be known as Shockbox. Reason being is that my main is a Dranei shaman named Shockbox. So I'm sticking to it. I decided to start blogging because.. well I'm not entirely sure.. I think it's because LB's been blogging for awhile and has more online friends than me -_-. Which is just unacceptable! That and I'm bored... more bored than the first thing I said..

So I just said to myself: Why the hell not! What's the worst that can happen!? Sure no one might read your blog and you may be laughed at on " Blog Azeroth". Sure it may hurt my feelings a little. And sure it's kinda said that my feelings would be hurt by a blog about an unreal video game that has taken waaaayy tooo much of my time and RL friends and I would get laughed at some more if my RL friends knew about it or get looked down upon in pity and shame. And sure it's making me do run on sentences and sure... OH NO O.O! Well no point in stopping now. This blog is now a part of my sad little life and I will abuse it like everything else that I come into contact with, bwahahahaha!

And if you're starting to lose interest in my blog already, then let me show you to the door -----------------> [ The Door ] - (The Door's Knob)

Because it doesn't get much better than this =D.

Btw I'm not emo... kinda just reread the whole sad little life part and don't won't people getting the wrong idea. Actually I quite enjoy my life, as much as someone could when you have a [quote, Grimm: " Monkey on your back"] named LB stabbing your neck on a day to day basis. Love you, Hun <3

Anyways, my blog won't just be me ranting about.. well me. It will also be about WoW! [If you don't know what that acronym stands for then you shouldn't be reading this blog anyways... go read a book or something] mostly it will be about my love and hate for Shamans (More hate than love). And about anything else that goes on in WoW O.o ... god I don't know I just started ok!

One thing that I'd like to do is PvP KILL OF THE WEEK!

Ohhh yaa! That bold lettering has got my blood pumping! If there is one thing I love and I'm horrible at, it's pvp! Now then I don't really have any stalkers yet, sooooo untill I do I'll post my own kills of the week. But please do send me your videos of you killing stuff, and I'll post them if I like them. The more interesting and creative kills the better.. don't really care for HUGE CRITTSSS!!!

This first kill is actually a joint kill with assistance from LB. The person we're raping is Joecent, a buddy of ours from the horde guild Lords of Ancient Sin on Cenarius. I'll talk more about him and Lords later. I uploaded this via Youtube because blogspot was taking too long >_<